The cry of a Thirsty soul

To Him who reigns on High
Exalted High above kingdoms, rulers and authorities
Jesus Christ! The Risen and conquering King!
Your name is great
Like a strong tower,
My soul finds refuge
And like fire and light,
Your name drives out darkness and brings hope

How I love you, my King,
To sing your praise is my heart’s cry
To know you more is the desire of my soul
To feel the warmth of your embrace and the sweet presence of your Holy Spirit my soul does long for

Oh Most High! King of Heaven!
That I may see your face and walk with you on the streets paved with gold
Is the song of my heart
To you alone be all glory, praise and adoration!
My heart exclaims come Emmanuel! O come Emmanuel!
Dwell in me and with me!
Make me one with you!
Entwine my heart with yours
Till they beat in rhythmic uniform
Shine your light on me
O author of my life and soul.

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