When Jesus comes

When the Lord Jesus comes will He find you ready? When Jesus Christ comes will He find you prepared?Will you be amongst His chosen?

O my soul set your house in order!
For you know not when your Lord will appear
He will come like the thief in the night
When you least expect

He is at the door preparing to come out
To judge the world in truth and righteousness
For we must all stand before the great white throne of the Lord
Where each man will be judged according to their works
O my soul are you ready to meet with your maker?

When Christ Jesus comes with His army
He will come for His own and for His bride
How many have kept their garments white?
How many have kept themselves unspotted?
He is coming for the redeemed
For those who have washed in His blood
For those who keep His commands

When the Lord Jesus Christ comes
All eyes will see Him on that day!
All ears will hear Him on that day!
All eyes will behold His beauty

My soul are you ready to meet with Him?
Have you made yourself clean?
Have you made yourself set apart for Him?
The King of Kings is coming!

Do not procrastinate my soul
Do not put off the days
For today is the day of Salvation
Jesus Christ is coming
O my soul are you ready?

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