The Only True and Living God

There is only one true and living God
There is only one way to the Almighty God
For all the other gods are but the vain imaginations of men
All the other gods are the works of men

There is only one and true living God
The creator of the Heavens and Earth
For He commanded and they were created
And by His breath man became a living being

There is only one and true Saviour
The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth
In Him is Life and that Life was the Light of men
All living things find hope and redemption in Him

There is only one and just Judge
His throne is established in truth and righteousness
He will judge the great and small
For there is no partiality in Him

There is only one name by which we may be saved
The name of Jesus Christ
In Him have I forsaken this world
That I may obtain mercy and escape His imminent wrath


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