The wretched soul

A wretched soul like me
Who can deliver me from myself and the sins that entangle me?
I have searched high and low, near and far
Called on many who promised me relief
Yet I found none able to deliver!

I gave my life to man
Put my hope in friends
But they all failed me
Then someone said to me
Try Jesus Christ!

So I came running to you
In my shame, heartache and pain
You embraced me in your loving arms
Your warm smile made me feel loved
You did not turn me away
I cried to you and you not only heard me
But you answered me and gave me hope

You cleansed me up and dressed me in white
Now I can stand before you blameless and whole
The King of Kings!
Now I can boldly say I am loved and accepted
Not because I am perfect
But because of the blood that was shed

I have tried you and found you to be true
There is no one like you
Now I am sanguine because I am yours


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