Jesus Christ is the Reason

All across the world, many are busy running around preparing for the Christmas festivities. It is the one holiday that seems to unite the entire world with some Muslims even joining in the fun.

For most households, its all about “pigging out” on scrumptious food, having copious volumes and varieties of alcohol, exchanging expensive gifts and watching Christmas movies such Shrek and Home Alone just to mention but a few.

It is the one day when greed and glutton are acceptable as many try their absolute best to eat the excessive amount of food purchased for the day.

Many families borrow just to live like Kings and Queens on that day and spend the following days and months in abject poverty gnashing their teeth to find a solution to the debts they’ve amassed because of the Christmas period. Benefiting from the overspending taking place are the big multinational companies who have commercialised this season. They are revenue driven and capitalise on the aspirations of many empty souls who shop as a way of escapism to drown out their sorrows.

Beloved the devil is very crafty and has deceived many of us that until we are keeping up with or overtaking the ‘Jones’, we can never be truly happy. I was once upon a time subscribing to this deception. I was a shopaholic who shopped to cheer myself up when sad and also shopped when happy to ‘treat’ myself. I was doing this trying to fill a hole in my life that only Jesus Christ could fill. No amount of buying the latest garments or gadgets could fill the God-sized hole in my life.

Many are rushing to celebrate the holidays not even knowing the reason why it’s being celebrated. This post is not to debate whether Christmas is pagan and if Christians should be entertaining it but to ask why do we celebrate it? In 1 Corinthians 11 v 24 to 25 we are asked by Jesus Christ to take the Holy communion in remembrance of Him and the sacrifice of His death but I am yet to find a scripture in the Bible that talks about remembering His birth.

Most people are not aware of the origins of this holiday and since they were brought up to celebrate it, have carried on with the tradition. Some make the excuse of saying ” I only celebrate it for the kids”. I have come to understand that as a follower of Jesus Christ, it is absolutely prudent to follow Him and His way than the traditions of men as only His way always leads to life. We are encouraged by the word of God in Exodus 23 v 2 not to follow multitudes to commit sin as the status quo is not necessarily the way of God.

As Christians, we need to understand that all things are permissible to us but not all things benefit us (1 Corinthians 6 v 12).

If we choose to commemorate the birth of Christ I believe followers of Christ must stay authentic to the reason for celebrating. Jesus Christ should be the reason and not the food, drinks and parties. Let us not get lost in this world for we are pilgrims here and will leave to our eternal home as soon as the Lord appears or calls us home. Many of those celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ are staunch anti-Christ and on any given day would be offended if they were evangelised to. They are happy to partake of the things of Christ but oppose Him.

Whether we choose to commemorate the day or not, I believe Jesus Christ should be the reason for everything we do every day of our lives. As written by Apostle Paul, everything must glorify God:

Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10 v 31

While many are busy with the work and preparation of Christmas, I choose to stay at the feet of Jesus Christ the one my soul adores. Perhaps He will grace me with a Rhema for the seasons ahead.

Dear valued reader, how will you be celebrating the holidays? However you choose to celebrate it, I wish you the best of the season and of what God has for you. If there are blessings assigned to you for 2018 that you are yet to receive, I pray the good and merciful God will cause those blessings to overtake you before the year comes to a close.

May God help us to be rapture ready even during this season.


*All scriptures are taken from the King James Version of the Bible

6 thoughts on “Jesus Christ is the Reason

  1. Amen. God bless you for this. Just as you said whether you celebrate it or not just make sure the main person you think of is Jesus Christ. It is important we make sure that Jesus Christ is the centre of everything we do.
    And may be just one more thing it is important we check whether the Bible supports the celebration of Christmas as our Christian life grows.
    God bless you all

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  2. Wow!!. Very powerful. God bless you and give you more wisdom and knowledge to educate people of God more. As you said, the most important thing is putting Jesus Christ of Nazareth at the centre of it all. God bless you woman of God.

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