The glorious end of the Faithful

Life full of twists and turns can at times make us feel like we are on an exhilarating yet petrifying rollercoaster ride that will never cease.

One minute the world is your oyster and the next you feel depleted with the whole world as your nemesis. All the knowledge and wisdom you felt you had acquired seems null and void. Your allegiances are tested and the things or people who once brought you comfort can no longer console you. You feel deserted, forsaken and at the end of your tethers.

Beloved, know that all is not lost. For the Lion of the tribe of Judah reigns! He wipes the tears of the ones who have proved themselves faithful. By observing His commands and forsaking the pleasures of this passing world.

Who is that faithful servant? The one who does the will of his Master and Lord! Notwithstanding the tumults he may face and the persecution that awaits those who resolve to forsake the norm of the present age but conform to His glorious image. He says “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”

And to those who have tarried and have not given up on Him- those who have kept themselves unspotted by this corrupt and passing world, He comes with His promise of eternal life and His rewards in His hands. He will repay each man according to his works.

He has established a glorious Kingdom where the holy and righteous shall reign with Him forever and ever!

His kingdom has no end and in that kingdom, all tears will be wiped away. All the torturous memories of old shall be but a vapour and a long forsaken memory!


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